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 I use all water-based media in my painted work.  For works on fabric, I use two different brands of fabric paint (one is more fluid and the other has more of a paste consistency) as well as acrylic paint.  The fabric is heat set so the painted images become permanent and the softness or hand of the fabric is maintained.

I use watercolors to hand color my relief prints on paper, and I also do traditional paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. 



I like the bold graphic images that are achievable with relief prints.  Lino-cuts are used for my smaller images and I carve woodcut printing plates for my larger imagery.  I occasionally use monoprints and collagraphs when they better suit the color, texture or image that I want to achieve.

Assemblage and Collage

I use the term assemblage to refer to work that I do on a rigid surface that includes three -dimensional objects, found items and other mixed media techniques.  Many of my fiber based works can be considered to be collages because they are created using multiple pieces of fabric that are stitched together to make up the final surface.

brother sun woodcut.jpg